[megatron_heading title=”ABOUT US” size=”size-md” sub_title=”Welcome to ZHI Projects ” description=”ZHI Projects was created in 2005 as the vision of Hishaam Karriem who wanted a business that developed good relationships with their clients.Hishaam,who has 15 years’ experience to the industry as well as his architectural drawing capabilities,allows him to visualize end results while still in the raw stages of projects.This ability takes the fuss out of every project ZHI undertakes. ” text_align=”text-left” layout_style=”heading-line”]
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The teams ZHI Projects created, are highly skilled and an experienced work force. Many of the formans have been in-house trained and combined with the proper labour and skilled forces they offer along with Hishaam,personal supervision and direct client communication ,and complete projects to the highest level of client satisfaction.

ZHI Projects provides clients with comprehensive proposals ,and where required, three dimensional drawings of potential projects.

We specialize in creating unique living spaces to clients, new or revamped,and pride ourselves in our abillity to tackle all sorts of projects from foundations to fine finishing work.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of services that ZHI Projects is known for.” text_align=”text-left” layout_style=”heading-line”]

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